Friday, August 31, 2012

299 days

Hey everyone. We have started reading a new book series and written by a guy I met of the TSP forum. Wife, daughter and I are all reading the series. Book one and two are out. I don’t endorse products from one vendor or another and this is not a sales pitch. I am ½ way into the first book and have read a lot of reviews. 299 Days by Glen Tate is a great book, and I haven’t read a fiction book in over 15 years. I would rather read non-fiction and learn, just my choice. The book is about prepping, homesteading, and a potential future we are hearing to as a country. Glen has never written and is not a typical author. The book really spoke to me, so if you get a change check it out. If you have souse that is on the fence about prepping or blind to where the country is heading it might be a good introduction and eye opener. Amazon has it in paperback and e-book. We all got the e-book. There is also a book group that starred on the TSP forum.

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